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When you buy or sell a home there is a moment of truth.   AIAI believes that this is the moment when the home inspection occurs.  It is the moment when the buyer's - or seller's dreams come face to face with reality.  At   AIAI we see ourselves as the pivot between dream and reality. Grounded in experience, expertise, clear and concise commumication, our job is to see things the way they really are, and then allow you to discuss our findings. Our company commits itself every day, and everyone  of our inspectors commits themselves, to upholding the beliefs and brand of AIAI.  This make us the leading home inspection and maintenance  company of New Mexico.


Local core program inspection is currently offered at $295.00 Inspections within a 60 mile radius, $340.00  within a 100 mile radius.  Greater than 100 miles at $450.00.  Same day "short sheet" summary provided, along with a Full Color PDF within 48 hour.


The popular core program inspection includes plumbing, mechanical, structural, electrical, HVAC,  with a  EPA testing option, swabs on contact mold, lead paint, other options are Asbestos, Thermography.  For an additional cost we can do extensive testing for Mold,  Water HQ, Well Head Testing (all sent to labs) Radon.  We are proud to be one of few to utilize the latest in Thermal Imagery routinely, as well as any/or all metering equipment necessary to help sellers and buyers make an informative decision on this major opportunity.


                  48 hr Radon testing now available with a                     complete report within 24 hrs.




Current licensing, bonding, field certifications and insurance to protect the transaction are available for review upon request.





Buying a home is one of the most significant decisions and one of the biggest investments you will ever make.  A professional home inspection will enable you to learn a great deal about a home, help give you peace of mind and answer some very important questions.  Whether you are buying or selling, you will have the benefit of knowing the in's and out's of a particular home and can use this information when considering the sales transaction.





An inspection of  the home you are considering will help you make an informed decision during the purchase process.  It will also will provide you with the information you will need for any repairs or maintenance  your new home may require.  A professional home inspection will allow you to buy with confidence.




A pre-listing home inspection can detect previously unknown problems or potential upgrades that you may wish to address prior to selling your home.  Being aware of issues in advance will also allow for disclosure of problems when selling your home, which can result in a smoother transaction for both parties.

Jamilla Cano Herrera - Managing Member

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